How Pellevé Works

During treatment, the GlideSafe® handpiece gradually delivers radiofrequency
energy through the epidermis into the dermis. Heating of the dermal layer initiates
your body’s natural response to protect, heal, and grow NEW collagen

  • 1 – 3 days after your procedure, the area treated will have a “post-treatment glow”
  • 4 – 15 days after treatment, your body’s natural reaction to heal comes into play
    as fibroblasts become present, and the collagen rebuilding process begins
  • 15+ days post-treatment collagen synthesis and formal remodeling occurs.
    The collagen regrowth process will continue days, weeks, even months after treatment.

Thus, it is recommended to receive at least 3-5 treatments about 4 weeks apart,
so you are re-boosting the collagen building process and getting optimal results.

Want to see the Pellevé process in action?

Please watch our animated science video below.

Model is for illustrative purposes only. Actual results will vary.