Top 5 Skin Lightening Cream And Serums To Try In 2020

Let’s get this straight: your skin tone does not determine how beautiful you are. But, age spots, pigmentation, and other skin issues might reveal some secrets about your age that you may not want to divulge. That’s fair – no woman wants to wear her age on her skin for the world to see. 

Why Do I Get Spots And Blemishes?

It’s mainly because of the melanin production in your body. Melanin gives your eyes, hair, and skin color. But when your body overproduces melanin, dark spots and discoloration start to appear on your skin.

Not only that, but collagen also has a big part to play when it comes to maintaining flawless skin. As you age, your collagen production slows down, which makes you lose more skin elasticity. Your skin will also take longer to repair itself, making it more susceptible to sun damage.

While sunspots and discoloration are harmless, they can severely impact your self-esteem and confidence. They can make you feel less beautiful than you are. So, if these blemishes are preventing you from living your best self, we’ve got just the thing for you – skin lightening creams.

How Do Skin Lightening Creams Work?

In the past, skin lightening creams work because of harmful and harsh bleaching agents like hydroquinone and mercury. That’s why they used to get a bad rep.

But thanks to technological advancements, you don’t have to suffer through the bad side effects anymore. Nowadays, skin lightening creams work by slowing down the production of melanin in your skin cells. Some even come with collagen-boosting properties to repair your skin. As a result? Bright and radiant skin.

How To Choose A Good Skin Lightening Cream?

Despite that, good skin lightening creams are few and far between. But if you know what to look for, you’ll find flawless and glowing skin within your grasp again. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect skin lightening cream for you.

Go natural!

Many skin whitening agents are strong and effective, but at a huge cost to yourself.

One such example is hydroquinone, a common chemical component found in skin lightening creams that can temporarily lighten your skin. But many dermatologists have denounced the use of this component because of the long-term harm it causes. Among others, prolonged usage of hydroquinone can darken your skin, permanently disfigure your face, or even cause cancer.

That being said, many products still contain hydroquinone-derived components like arbutin. Although arbutin gives you all the benefits of hydroquinone without the side effects, you should still be wary of them if you’re pregnant.

To protect your skin, it is much better to go natural and stick with products that contain natural skin lightening botanicals. Vitamin C, licorice, and mulberry extract are great organic alternatives since they get the job done without compromising your health.


Free radicals can assault your healthy skin cells and create oxidative stress. Because of this, antioxidants are a must for every skincare regimen, no matter what your skin type is.

Antioxidants protect your skin by counteracting free radicals in your body. As a result of this, it helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well as pigmentations. Besides that, they are also essential for boosting your skin repair process – the perfect fix for dark spots and hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage.

Luckily, many skin whitening creams on the market use natural antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C, and E. These components may also boost the collagen production of your body, brightening up your complexion and reversing the age of your skin.

Extra care for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin generally have thin skin that can be very easily damaged with slight scrubbing or heavy chemical-based products. Unfortunately, many whitening creams on the market are pretty heavy-duty, which makes them not very suitable for people with sensitive skin.

However, not all hope is lost. There are plenty of skin lightening alternatives even if you have sensitive skin. Lactic acid is one of the mildest ingredients for skin lightening products. Not only is it a melanin suppressor, but it also penetrates your skin to act as a mild exfoliator.

If you’re concerned about your skin sensitivity, you can apply a small amount of cream on your inner wrist. This way, you can know whether the cream is suitable for you without risking a breakout.

Sun protection

Melanin is an important compound that protects your skin against the harsh UV rays of the sun. Since most skin lightening creams suppress your melanin production, you might get more sunspots or dull skin if you don’t have proper protection against the sun.

Good skin lightening creams preemptively include SPF protection in their formula. By doing this, you can kill two birds in one stone – getting smooth and flawless skin without exposing yourself to sun damage. Zinc oxide is a common ingredient used to achieve this in skin lightening products, so keep a lookout for it and you’ll be fine.

Go for the whole range if possible

Many skincare products come in a whole set of cleanser, moisturizer, and night cream so that you get great results quickly.

The same applies to skin lightening products as well. All the products in the same skincare range have been optimized to work the best together, therefore giving you the best results money can buy.

Skin lightening creams can drastically improve your complexion, but you might also suffer bad side effects if you don’t choose wisely. Now that you know what works and what doesn’t, it’s time to look at the top 5 skin lightening creams in 2020.

5 Best Skin Lightening Cream In 2020

#1 Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener

Skinception Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener has customers, celebrities, and influencers all over the world raving about its potency when reducing the appearance of dark spots on your face and body. But what is it?

Created by Skinception, Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener can help you safely remove darkened areas and spots without using the usual toxic bleaching agents.

Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener operates on the 28-day cell renewal cycle of your body. It interrupts your melanin production during this period so that new cells are lighter. It also pushes out the darker, older skin cells so that you get a flawless airbrushed complexion.

Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener features 6 clinically proven ingredients that effectively minimize and erase any dark spots: melasma, moles, sunspots, you name it. Sodium lactate, for example, is a Natural Moisturizing Factor that hydrates your skin and accelerates the action of Vitamin C, making it an excellent skin lightening component.

Not only that, but 6i also features alpha-arbutin and Whitonyl, which reduces your melanin by as much as 52%. This helps fade your dark spots and prevent future pigmentation from happening.

6i also includes many ingredients that help protect your skin from damage, like niacinamide and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. These components support the barriers of your skin, making your skin more resilient towards damage and improving the textures of your skin. As a derivative of vitamin C, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is also a potent antioxidant that can significantly brighten up your skin.

This unique and innovative formula also contains great skincare botanicals like grape seed extract, aloe, and bilberry extract. Besides that, it also has silica, which boosts your collagen production and leaves your skin silky smooth.

With such a gentle formula, it might take a while to see significant results. But we think that the wait and dedication are absolutely worth it since it delivers results without putting your health at risk. Illuminatural 6i can be used on your entire body, which can help reduce discoloration around your elbows, armpits, and knees.

The best part of all is that Skinception Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lighter offers a money-back guarantee. This speaks volumes about how confident the company is about its product and protects your rights at the same time. If you don’t like the product, you can simply return it within 67 days and get a full refund.


  • Uses natural botanicals and clinically-proven active ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Based on your body’s natural cell renewal cycle
  • Gentle and innovative formula
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No SPF protection
  • Takes longer to work

#2 Zeta White Cream System

Zeta White Cream is another viable alternative to harmful skin bleaching products. Containing a cleanser, moisturizer, and night cream, this skin lightening system is suitable for all skin types.

Like Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener, Zeta White Cream doesn’t contain harmful bleaching agents like kojic acid or mercury.

Although it is vegan and cruelty-free, Zeta White Cream System is capable of penetrating deep into your skin to prevent hyperpigmentation of your skin.

A big part of it is thanks to lemon extract, a well-known melanin suppressor that diminishes your dark spots and prevents future hyperpigmentation from appearing. It also uses licorice extract, which helps you even out your skin tone and lightens your dark spots.

Zeta White also improves the surface of your skin by using papaya extract and allantoin. By removing dead skin cells and giving space for new skin cells to grow, these ingredients address aging skin, reduce the appearance of pores, and clear up your skin. Allantoin, in particular, also hydrates your skin from within, giving you soft and supple skin. It also has antioxidants that brighten up your skin and prevent future hyperpigmentation from appearing. To improve its potency, stearic acid helps clean your skin from sweat, dirt, and excess sebum to promote better absorption.

We also liked that it comes in a full skincare range since this will be super helpful for anyone who needs extra help combating their blemishes. The Zeta Moisturizer stimulates collagen production, which repairs your skin and reduces blemishes. Not only that, but the night cream doubles down on the regeneration of your skin while you sleep. Because of this, your skin is virtually protected all day while you pursue flawless and youthful-looking skin.

However, it might also mean an extra 15-20 minutes a day on your skincare routine, making it less ideal for women who are always on the go. Although we didn’t have this issue, some consumers also reported initial discomfort and mild redness when trying this product out for the first time. Since Zeta White Cream System is formulated with a gentle formula, it might take longer to work.

Zeta White Cream System is covered by a lifetime money-back guarantee. So, if you experience any side effects, you can return the product at any time and receive a full refund.


  • Comes in a full skincare range
  • Natural and organic
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Initial discomfort when trying it out for the first time
  • Takes longer to work

#3 Mroobest Skin Lightening Serum

As a more advanced but gentle version of their skin whitening cream, Mroobest Skin Lightening Serum delivers fast results without resorting to toxic bleaching agents like hydroquinone.

With a unique natural formula, it uses a two-pronged approach to suppress your melanin production and boost your collagen production. By doing this, you can safely reduce dark spots, uneven skin tone, melasma, and hyperpigmentation.

With hyaluronic acid as one of its active ingredients, your skin’s ability to retain moisture is elevated, revealing a smooth and youthful complexion underneath. It’ll also help you minimize clogged pores, breakouts, and acne.

The area around your eyes is the most telling of your age, but can also be the toughest to get rid of. This skin lightening serum is one of the only products on the market that can be used around your eyes. When done so, it can drastically reduce dark eye circles, eye bags, and puffiness.

Like Evagloss, asides from your eye area, Mroobest Skin Lightening Serum can also be used all over your body – your legs, knees, underarms, and even your privates. This goes to show how gentle but effective their formula is.

Free of harsh chemicals and hydroquinone, this lightening serum is extremely gentle and suitable for daily use. Although there are no long-term side effects, some customers have reported irritation on their skin when they use too much of it. Since the dosage is so fickle, it’s not suitable for people with sensitive skin.


  • Natural and gentle formula
  • No toxic ingredients


  • Not suitable for people with sensitive skin
  • Causes irritation when too much is used

#4 Admire My Skin Ultra-Potent Brightening Serum

Hydroquinone and kojic acid can be very dangerous in the hands of the wrong manufacturers. We’ve mentioned it – they have severe side effects in the long-term and are simply not worth the trouble.

But with more than 4,500 customers rallying around it, it seems like Admire My Skin has found the perfect balance between these components and natural ingredients as they’ve created a great skin lightening serum.

It contains 2% hydroquinone, which is the strongest possible dosage allowed for OTC beauty products. This amount is just small enough to deliver effective spot correcting benefits without jeopardizing the health of your skin.

It also contains salicylic acid, a type of phenolic acid well-known for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is commonly used in chemical peels as it breaks down keratin in your skin cells to fade dark spots. Alongside salicylic acid, this dark spot corrector is also formulated with other acids like azelaic acid, kojic acid, and lactic acid.

All these acids and hydroquinone work together to gently peel away the surface layer of your skin to reveal brighter and more youthful-looking skin underneath. Some customers even called it an at-home chemical peel, which we are inclined to agree with.

It also delivers very fast results. In as little as four weeks, you’ll see a noticeable result. Your skin will look brighter and younger with fewer spots and blemishes. The Admire My Skin website is also full of before and after photos of real customers, which is reassuring, to say the least.

If you need to lighten your skin stat, you can use the product once or twice a day on your face, hands, elbows, knees, or dark patches. However, we would not recommend this product to people with sensitive skin since it can be a bit too harsh. In fact, Admire Your Skin recommends taking a month-long break from it after 60 days of daily use for the product to work the best, which implies how potent this product is.


  • Powerful and effective formula
  • Fast-acting
  • Great customer reviews


  • Contains hydroquinone and kojic acid
  • Not suitable for people with sensitive skin
  • Skin irritation

#5 Evagloss Lightening Serum

With thousands of customers vouching for this product, Evagloss Lightening Serum is one of the most popular skin lightening creams available on Amazon.

Packed with naturally-occurring ingredients and derivatives like castor oil, glycerin, and arbutin, this lightening serum might be just what you need to diminish hyperpigmentation and discoloration. It works for pretty much anything, from freckles to melasma.

It’s worth noting that Evagloss Lightening Serum contains kojic acid, which can cause a range of problems like dermatitis and sun sensitivity. Although it does temporarily brighten your complexion, you might need to take extra care to avoid the side effects.

This lightening serum can be used all over your body generously. We wouldn’t recommend this product to women with oily skin as it tends to make your skin oilier. To stay on the safe side, we wouldn’t recommend this to people with sensitive skin either because of the inclusion of kojic acid.

That being said, this lightening serum has a much gentler formula than most of the products on the market, which is why we’ve decided to include it in this list.


  • Non-hydroquinone gentle and effective formula
  • Can be used all over your body; especially great for intimate and sensitive areas
  • No side effects


  • Pricey
  • Contains kojic acid

Final Thoughts

Skin lightening products are a grey area in the world of skincare. On one hand, they are desperately needed as many people face confidence issues when their face is plagued with spots and discoloration. On the other, they are normally packed full of harsh and bleaching agents that will cause more harm than good in the long run.

However, you’ll find the answer to this dilemma in a good skin lightening cream as it should be able to solve your discoloration issues without resorting to chemicals like hydroquinone, mercury, and steroids.

We would strongly recommend Skinception Illumination 6i Advanced Skin Lightener if you want an effective but gentle skin lightening cream that will give you another chance at scoring youthful-looking and bright skin.

For one, it stands out because it leverages your body’s very own skin renewal cycle. By taking advantage of this, it effectively pushes out old and darkened skin cells to welcome lighter cells.

Featuring a natural formula with active ingredients that suppress your melanin production, hydrate your skin, and protect your skin against sun damage, it uses a multi-pronged approach to keep your skin looking bright and young. Besides that, it can also revitalize your skin by boosting your collagen production and defending your skin against free radicals.

Because of such a gentle formula, you can use it all over your body to reduce discoloration. The flip side to this, however, is that it takes a while before you start seeing significant results. That being said, we think it’s still a great addition to your skincare routine since it delivers overall skincare benefits, even if you have to wait a while to get rid of that pesky spot on your face.

However, different products work differently on different people. We loved it, but if you don’t, you can return it to Leading Edge Health for a full refund. All you need to do is to ship the product back and you’ll get all your money back.

But if it does work for you, it could give your skin another chance to shine. It could give you another chance to be your best self and to live your best life. It could potentially reverse years of feeling inadequate and unsure about your beauty. There’s no harm to trying this product out, but plenty to gain.

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