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5 Best Skin Tag Removal Products To Improve Your Skin In A Week

What causes skin tags on the neck and other parts of the body? Well, if you have these nasty little buggers, what caused them does not really matter. What is important is that here, we will show you the best skin tag removal formulas that you can buy over the counter and use at home.

But first, what are skin tags and are they harmful?

Well, these little non-cancerous growths grow suspended from your skin by a thin strip/stalk of flesh. They are painless and pretty harmless. However, they do affect your self-esteem.  

Skin tags can grow on the neck, face, armpits, groin and under the breasts. Not to confuse them with warts, they do not spread fast and they do appear to be hanging from the skin.

To improve your skin, you have to know a few techniques for removing skin tags.

The 5 Best Skin Tag Removal Product Reviews

To remove skin tags, you need the best skin tag removal tool. This can be in the form of an ointment/cream, serum, patches or pen.

Here, we bring you five of the top, tested and proven products that do a good job of clearing and keeping tags away from your skin for a long time.

#1. H-SKIN TAGS FORMULA – Best Skin Tag Removal

H-Skin Tag Formula

H-Skin Tags formula belongs to Healing Natural Oils, one of the most renowned makers of wart removal products, anti-aging creams and others.

Even with this one, they do not disappoint. When you use this formula on your skin tag, it will eventually drop off and you will not feel a thing. Keep reading to see the features of this formula.

H-Skin Tags Formula Overview

This external use product is manufactured in FDA-approved labs in the USA. It comes in two bottles – a small one of 11ml and a big one of 33ml. Therefore, in essence you are getting about 44ml of this product. Consider the small bottle a bonus!

Having been in production since 2001, this formula has helped more than a million people. Therefore, you can buy it knowing that it has been tested and proven. You can use this reliable skin tag removal tool on your own at home. Just follow the instructions for use.

How does H-Skin Tags Formula Work?

It is really simple. Dab the tag with a cotton swab dipped in this solution. It will absorb it. Do this consistently and you will see the tag start to change color in a week or so.

Eventually, it will fall off. It is important that you do not file the tag away. Even for the most stubborn tags, resist the temptation to file. Rather, keep applying the product and you will see results.

How to Use It

Using this product is ever so easy. First, you just need to clean your face or the area where the skin tag is. You can then use a cotton swab to apply the solution directly on the tag. Even if the tag is on your eyelids, you can apply it without fear. However, ensure that none of the solution gets into your eyes.

For the best results, use the product consistently for about a month. Usually, you should start to notice tags falling off after two weeks of use. Some people even say theirs worked in one week.

Apply the formula two times a day. This gentle product causes no irritation at all. Therefore, you can wear it even when going to work in the morning.

H-Skin Tags Ingredients

Before you buy any non-prescription product that you will apply on your skin, it is important to look at the list of ingredients. That way, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you can skip it.

This one is made of natural ingredients only. These include Calendula officinalis, Thuja occidentalis, Citrus Lemon Peel, Melaleuca alternifolia leaf extract and Melissa officinalis. These ingredients exhibit no side effects at all.

90 day money back guaranteeResults time may vary from person to person
No additives, drugs or chemicals have been usedRecommended you buy onine only
Easy to apply and gentle on your skin 
Tags fall off painlessly 
Can be used on tags on any area of the body 

Where to Buy H-Skin Tags

You can buy this product on the official website. It is sold with a small bonus bottle. For the US customers, orders at or above $49 are shipped free of charge. For international customers, only orders at or above $99 are shipped free of charge. Customers get a money back guarantee of 90 days.

#2. Puremedy Skin Tag Relief

Puremedy Skin Tag Relief

For an affordable amount of money, you can be on your way to a tag-free skin. As you will find out, this product does much more than clearing the skin of tags.

It also enhances the tone. T also has a nice soothing effect and it can relieve (albeit temporarily) issues such as papules and excrescences (an outgrowth of any form on the skin).

Puremedy Skin Tag Relief Overview

This topical application product is packaged in a 28g bottle. You should not use it on oversensitive areas or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used.

The list of ingredients is clearly visible on one side of the bottle. It is manufactured in the USA but it can be shipped to international destinations.


All of the ingredients used to formulate this product are harvested and wild. Therefore, you can conclude that they are as natural as it gets. As a natural product, it will work slower than a synthetic product but the results will last much longer.

The active ingredients used in the Puremedy Skin Tag Relief product include Calendula officinalis for healing wounds on your skin.

There is Echinacea angustifolia that heals the red skin papules. You also have Sambucus nigra that heals swelling and pain in the skin. This product also has Thuja occidentalis that is responsible for drying the tags and making them fall off.

This product also has inactive ingredients, which include beeswax, bloodroot, pine extract, olive oil, Canadian fir balsam and dragon’s blood.

How It Works

This skin tag remover works by drying the tag and causing it to fall away. You should use your finger to apply the balm on the tag itself.

It will be absorbed shortly after and then it will start to wilt the tag from the inside. It is gentle on your skin and it causes no irritation. You are going to apply it on the tags twice in the day, preferably in the morning and in the evening.

How To Use It

The first thing to do is to test whether you are allergic to any of its ingredients. However, clean up first. To test for allergies, apply just a little amount of the same to the back of your hand.

Give it some time to see whether there will be any reaction on your skin. If there is not, it is good to use. Apply it with a cotton swab or the tip of your finger to the skin tags and leave it there.

This is an all-natural balm with no side effectsCan take a few to several weeks before you see results
The price is considerably affordable 
It is very simple to use the product 
Nice and secure packaging 
Can help with other skin issues such as swelling and irritation 

Where To But Puremedy Skin Tag Relief Salve

Buy online from the official website and there is no limit to the number of bottles that you can order. If you are in the USA, the product will be shipped in one or two business days.

International customers may have to wait longer. The price per bottle remains the same even if you order more bottles. However, you can save 5% on the price if you subscribe for monthly orders. Domestic and international shipping costs apply and they start at $5 (for domestic).

3. HELGA REKANATI Clarifying Serum

Helga Rekanati Skin Tag removal serum

Without a doubt, the HELGA REKANATI Clarifying Serum is going to set you back a substantial amount of money. However, it is a serum! What this means is that it delivers a highly active ingredient straight to the skin to help with the healing.

HELGA REKANATI Clarifying Serum Overview

This is an organic skin tag remover serum. You will find that it does much more than just remove the skin tags.

Packed in clear bottle and itself being a clear liquid, it really does look appealing to the eyes, you know, like something that Charlize Theron or Halle Berry would use.

If you love the good things of life, go for this clarifying serum. By the word “clarifying,” we mean that it enhances the skin tone, leaving it looking richer and spot-free.

You can also use this serum to clear dark spots caused by acne.


The main active ingredient is collagen. When you grow older, the skin becomes lighter and thinner because of the body’s dwindling ability to produce collagen and elastin.

Therefore, you need to feed the skin with collagen and vitamins A, C, E and others, of course, by using topical application products.

This product is enriched with vitamins and collagen builders. Whether your skin issue is tags, pregnancy stretches or age-caused wrinkles and lines, this product will clear them away.

How To Use It

To use this product, start by cleaning the area where you want to apply it. You can then apply it lightly with a cotton swab. You can then let it stay for sometime so that the skin can soak it in.

Apply it 2 to 3 times a day until the spots and the tags are gone. It is gentle and it does not cause skin irritation. You can continue using it even after the tags are gone to keep your skin blemish-free.

Effective for enhancing natural skin color and toneIt is costly
It can lower the risk of breakouts due to exposure to elements 
Controls inflammation of the skin 
Clears wrinkles and lines 
Works on all skin types and skin areas 

Where to Buy

You can order your bottle of HELGA REKANATI on . It comes in a 30ml bottle and shipping within the USA is free. There is no information about quantity discounts.

4. CXQZLH Picosecond Pen Skin Tag Remover Tool

CXQZLH skin tag removal tool

This is like the all-in-one skin care product because you can use it to clear warts, moles, freckles, tattoos and irregular skin pigmentation. This product will cost you a substantial amount of money but it is all totally worth it.

CXQZLH Picosecond Pen Skin Overview

This product uses high freq. plasma microrady technology. This unique technology uses a point removal pen to remove tags, warts, tattoos and other unwanted things on the skin without causing any lesions, bleeding or scars.

In fact, this tool has 9 points of adjustment with the lowest levels being used on freckles while the highest ones are skin tags and moles. This is why we said that this is the all-in-one solution for most of your skin issues.

How To Use It

Considering that using this kit is like doing a small surgery, you will need to make enough time to do everything. It comes with a host, a power adapter, glasses and a user manual.

Study the user manual carefully so that you can know what adjustment to make for skin tags, freckles, moles and scars. You will then have to target the specific tissue with this pen, which uses electroionic treatment and computer control.

After using it, stay for about a month and be cautious not to scrub the places that you have treated. This pen is safe to use since it is precise. Therefore, it targets the victim tissue only and never harms the skin surrounding it.

Basically, you will be doing a minor cosmetic surgery on your skin. However, do not worry because if you do it as advised, there are no side effects at all and the results are just awesome.

Addresses a myriad of skin problemsHigh cost
Minimal to zero painYou need enough time to use this tag remover
Easy to use and has a detailed user manual 
Can be used commercially in a beauty salon 
Easy to focus on the culprit areas without harming surrounding tissue 

Where To Buy It

You can buy the CXQZLH Picosecond Pen online on – However, many other online vendors stock it, but it is best that you buy from recommended places to avoid counterfeits.

5. Pristine Herbal Touch – Best Skin Tag Removal Kit

pristine herbal touch

This is a one-time use wart, skin tag and mole removal kit. It is very effective too because you are only supposed to use it once and you will have solved your problem completely.

When you buy it for skin tags, it can remove up to 25 of them in one application, in 20 minutes. If you have large moles, it can only remove up to 5 of them, perhaps 2 if they are really large. For the rest, you would have to buy another kit.

Pristine Herbal Touch Overview

When you order this kit, it will come with 3 cotton swabs, antibacterial solutionWMV cream, stainless needle, toothpick and a pair of applicator sticks.

It also contains one Emery board, which is used for scratching soft skin tags and moles. The toothpick is going to help you scratch soft skin tags and moles while the needle will help to scratch the hardened warts.

Unlike creams and solutions that have to be applied daily for a month or longer, sometimes, using a wart removal tool like this one makes a lot of sense. You just need to spend 20 minutes to apply it once and you will be done.

This product is the result of more than 3 decades of hard work.This is why the company stands by its product and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Pristine Herbal Touch Ingredients

Apart from the above-mentioned contents of this kit, what is the antibacterial WMV cream made of? This kit is all-natural, and the applicable contents have been made from natural extracts only.

Therefore, if you use it in the correct way, this product has no side effects at all. The active ingredients are from cashew nuts, lemons and fig plants to name but just a few.

How To Use It

You have to be very careful about this product. Clean your face or the area where you want the tags removed. When applying this cream, be very cautious not to get it on any other part of your skin because it can cause swelling and inflammation.

Apply it within 20 minutes and you are done with the kit. Tags will start falling off 3 to 5 days later, may be slightly longer, but they will drop off.

After applying it, leave it on for 20 minutes. You will experience a burning sensation for the first 10 minutes. After that, it will be pure bliss as the tags start to dry up.

Effective on big and small growthsThe cost is a bit steep
Tags start to drop off in a couple of daysIt can cause swelling if it touches the skin
One time application only – no daily use of creams 
Backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee 

Where To Buy It

Buy this one-time 20-minute kit on – . If you have many skin tags, you can buy two or more kits. However, wait until the effects of the first application wear off so that you can apply a second one.


Choosing the best skin tag removal product can be hard in a market flooded with so many. However, with the five that we have brought you here, successful removal of warts and tags is guaranteed.

Some can be extravagantly expensive but very effective at the same time. Others can be affordable, but the downside is that you have to use them daily for weeks, perhaps months.

Whatever you choose, it will work for you. Just follow the instructions for use and use it consistently.

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