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Best Stretch Mark Cream 2020: 6 Best Products for Stretch Marks & Scars

Are you looking for the best stretch mark cream to clear away old or new marks? You have come to the right place.

Pregnancy stretches are nasty, and so are the weight gain ones. However, there is good news for you. With the best stretch mark creams, you can get rid of them and prevent their future occurrence.

In weight gain and loss, in pregnancy and birth, the analogy of these marks is just about the same. They are easy to gain, and hard to lose!

As your body goes through certain changes, you will develop these marks. Women have it a bit rough because they are genetically predisposed to developing such.

What is the best stretch mark cream?

There are many, but the following six take the lead:

  1. Skinception
  2. H-Stretch Marks
  3. Optimizing Body Contour Gel
  4. NonoDerm Microdermabrasion Cream
  5. Alteya’s Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil Certified Organic

As you can see, it can be quite some work to choose the best stretch mark cream since there are quite many. However, we have done the footwork for you and handpicked six of them for you.

Keep reading to see how they will benefit you.

5 reasons to use anti-stretch marks products

Image is everything. That is why there are so many body care products in the market. It is also the reason for so many weight loss products, testosterone boosters, lotions and moisturizers.

Research shows that taking care of your body is good for your mental health. Keep reading to see you should remove marks:

Good skin gives high self-esteem

Honestly, as much as we would like to say that a tiger is always proud of its stripes, a woman who gets these marks after losing weight will always feel so conscious about how she looks.

You will lose your self-confidence completely. Turning heads on the beach for the wrong reasons is not everyone’s cup of tea. Everyone loves to be admired.

Being too self-conscious of your body will definitely affect other faculties in your life. For example, low self-esteem affects your productivity at work.

It also affects how you relate with other people.

Skin products can help improve its elasticity

The main reason why you develop stretch marks is that your skin is forced to stretch. We say “forced” because naturally, the skin is elastic. However, sometimes, due to lack of proper nutrients, its elasticity capacity reduces a great deal.

However, using creams and lotions can help bring the elasticity back. Products that contain Shea butter are especially good at restoring collagen, which is mainly responsible for restoring elasticity.

When the skin has good elastic capacity, it will regain its original shape when you lose weight or when your body regains its natural shape after pregnancy.

It is always about collagen! However, you can help this process along by using the right creams and lotions that boost collagen production.

They can be used on all parts of the body

Most stretch mark removers can work on all parts of the body. The most affected parts are the upper arms, thighs, stomach, buttocks and the breasts.

Of course, some products work best on certain parts. However, when you are on a lean budget, you might not be able to buy a different product for every part. Therefore, a one-size-fit-all product would be the real deal.

Since the most important thing is to give your skin Vitamins A, C and E, you need a product that combines all of these.

Best Stretch Mark Cream Reviews [2020]

Now that we have seen why you need to restore your skin to its original form and shape, you need to see deeper details of the best stretch mark cream products that you can use.

Here are six of them:

#1. Skinception – Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Cream

Skinception - The Best strecth mark cream in 2020

When your body changes due to pregnancy, onset of puberty or weight gain, some chemical reaction happens in the body.

Now, we will not go into the complex mechanics of what happens. However, what happens is that the secretion of a hormone known as glucocorticoids increases.

This is a “bad” hormone because it prevents the formation of collagen, which is responsible for elasticity in the skin.

When the skin lacks collagen, it will certainly “break” when it stretches. The breaks are so tiny such that you will never feel them. However, when the skin heals, it gets these tiny, medium or large marks.

To reverse this, you need to use a product like Skinception. So what is it and how does it work? Keep reading.

Skinception Overview

Skinception by Dave David, M.D is a trendsetting product for fixing stretch marks. On the product website, they say that it can reduce these marks by more than 72 percent in just 60 days of use.

And there is some science behind the cream too. What we mean by this is that the product is designed to address not the skin breakout itself, but the root causes of the condition as well. Therefore, this product will not fix your skin overnight. It will take time of consistent use.

The ingredients used in this product have the ability to help the body produce more collagen, which makes the skin more elastic.

It also enhances the production of elastin, which brings about faster skin healing.

How Skinception works

This product is going to increase the body’s capacity to produce more collagen and elastin. These are the two main components that help with the tautness and healing of your skin.

The Skinception skin care therapy starts to address the stretchmarks issues from the inside. The result of using this therapy will be an awesomely smooth and taut skin.

That is not all because this product is also going to help fade purple and red discoloration that comes with these marks.

Finally, this product evens out the skin tone, therefore giving you uniform skin color.

Skinception Ingredients

This product is a combination of a few ingredients that come together to make your skin heal and adopt an even tone. They are as follows:


This is one of the most common ingredients in stretch mark removers. It has been proven to reduce pregnancy stretches by more than 72% in 60 days. It also helps in the prevention of skin structure deterioration.


This herbal extract comes from Siegesbeckia Orientalis, a plant that grows in Australia, Japan, Ethiopia, Madagascar and a few other places.

It has a high quantity of emollients, which have a direct effect on the skin. It reduces the stretching marks by more than 50 percent.


Just like Regestril, this ingredient increases the production of collagen in your body. It also helps in the repair of worn out tissues in your skin. It also reduces the effects of aging on your skin.

Another thing that it can help you with is to keep the skin moisturised, reduce the effects of infections and reduce scarring.

Pro-Col One+

The main intention of including this ingredient is to ensure that the skin repairs its tissue. Pro-Col One+ can enhance the texture of your skin by up to 1190%. Remember, this ingredient is going to do this naturally, without using artificial additives.

How to use it 

This is a topical application product. Therefore, massage a generous amount of the same onto the area that has these marks or has a high risk of developing them.

Let the skin soak it in and then add some more if the marks are bigger. You can get a person to help you massage the cream onto your skin so that it can soak in properly.

If you have other skin conditions apart from these stripes, don’t use this product on them. See a dermatologist first.

Pros and Cons of Skinception

There could be a few side effects to using this product. However, if the pros outweigh the cons, you can use it without worry.

100 percent satisfaction guarantee of 67 daysPrice is a bit steep without discounts
Easy to use – just massage it in 
Works on 5 body parts most vulnerable to stretching 
Medically proven to work 
It is paraben-free 

Where to buy it

It is recommended that you buy Skinception from the official website. The regular price for 1-month supply is $49.95.

The 3-month supply is $139.95, 6-month supply is $289 and 12-month supply is $619. The more you buy the more you save. If you order more than $150 worth of supply, you get free shipping.

 H-Stretch Marks

H-Stretch Marks Amoils

The H-Stretch Marks is a natural product that has been formulated to help the skin achieve an even tone, texture, color and smoothness.

This product has a selection of ingredients that are gentle yet effective on the skin. However, it is important that you use just as the manufacturer recommends.

H-Stretch Marks Overview

This product comes for a large stable of natural healing products. Healing Natural Oils has been making skin care products for more than 20 years and they own this one too.

They have sold millions of products with their top ones being treatments for warts, moles, haemorrhoids and skin tags.

Today, if you have pregnancy or weight stretch marks, you will benefit from their H-Stretch Marks ointment that will help reduce the marks until they eventually disappear from your skin.

H-Stretch Marks Ingredients

With many of the Healing Natural Oils products, simplicity is paramount and this one is not any different.

It has 6 main ingredients, which are as follows:

Hazel seed oil – Corylus avellana

Most people ask: Is hazelnut oil good for oily skin? Well, it turns out that it is incredible for oily skin and moisturization, which is a big factor in healing skin tissue.

Jojoba seed oil – Simmondsia chinensis

This ingredient is credited with nourishing your skin with vitamins B and E, which help to repair the skin tissue. It also reduces the effects of dry skin, chapping and inflammation.

Rosehip seed oil

Rich in antioxidants, this oil helps the skin get fatty acids like linolenic and linoleic acid that helps in hydrating the skin all the time. It helps to make the stretch marks vanish.

Lavender flower oil – Lavandula officinalis

This oil is indeed a champion when it comes to healing the skin. It can help marks and wounds clear away. It also helps to soothe the skin.

Carrot seed oil – Daucus carota sativa

Is Carrot seed oil good for stretch marks? The inclusion of the same in this product proves it is. Its main work is to enhance the stretching ability of the skin.

Patchouli leaf oil – Pogostemon cablin

Patchouli leaf oil has many properties. However, it is particularly excellent at helping in the synthesis of collagen. It also contains antioxidants.

How to use H-Stretch Marks

To use this product, apply it on the part with stretch marks in a circular motion. You can then massage it into the skin until it soaks in. Apply the product 3 times a day. You should use it consistently for at least a month for results.

Pros and Cons

Does this product have side effects? Most do, but this one is all natural. However, let us find out here:

Simple to useHave to use it 3 times a day
Safe, even children can use it 
90-day money back guarantee 
Can be used by pregnant women 

Where to buy it

Buy this product on the official website to avoid counterfeits. One bottle has a quantity of 33ml and it costs $34.95. Shipping is free.

Optimizing Body Contour Gel

Alchime forever

Cellulite can be quite a bother for you. Therefore, you need a product like the Optimizing Body Contour Gel that can eliminate the same as well as clear the skin, tone it up evenly and improve the texture. You need not worry about marks when you can use this product.

Optimizing Body Contour Gel overview

This product has been formulated with caffeine. It does a great job of tightening the skin, removing dimples, marks, excess fat and fluid from the skin. Because it also contains marine algae, you can have a youthful and healthy skin.

The manufacturer says that this ointment is dermatologist-formulated and there is no reason to doubt that.

This product is also paraben-free, vegan-friendly and gluten-free. This makes it good to use for people from all walks of life.

Optimizing Body Contour Gel Ingredients

The ingredients used in this product and the formation itself make it good for all skin types. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin or a combination of both, you can apply this ointment without fear.

Here are the main ingredients that it comes with:

Guarana seed extract

The main reason why guarana is used in skin care products is that it promotes anti-aging. It has anti-inflammatory qualities and as a result, it is used for treating stretch marks and cellulite.

Maté Leaf Extract

This extract can help to reduce the visibility of stretch marks. This means that it may not eliminate them fully, but it can make them less conspicuous.

Ginger root extract

Taking ginger orally is good but not enough for the skin. It is added in this product because of its ability to prevent the degradation of collagen, which keeps the skin elastic and taut.

Fucus Extract

This one helps in the removal of the tiger stripes slowly until they vanish completely. This extract is from seaweed. It also enhances the elasticity of the skin.

These are just a few of the ingredients. There are many more such as Xanthan Gum, linalool, aqua, glycerine, sorbic acid and benzyl alcohol to name but just a few.

How to use it

Just apply a generous amount on the areas with the tiger stripes or areas that are susceptible to developing them. Apply in a circular motion and then massage it into the skin until it soaks in. Apply it 2 to 3 times in a day.

Pros and Cons

There are no side effects associated with this ointment. It has more pros than cons:

Helps tighten loose skinShould only be used on lower body, not on breasts
Feels clean – not sticky 
It is easy to use 
Nice packaging 

Where to Buy It

You can buy Optimizing Body Contour Gel on the official website or on other online marketplaces. It is recommended that you get it on the official site to avoid fake products. A 236ml bottle costs $49.00. However, if you subscribe for delivery after every 60 days, you can get a 15% discount per bottle.

NanoDerm Microdermabrasion Cream

Nanoderm by Skin Solutions

The NanoDerm Microdermabrasion can do three things. First, it can eliminate the scarring that comes with acne and other skin breakouts. Two, it can reduce and eventually vanish your tiger stripes and three, it can clear wound marks.

NanoDerm Microdermabrasion Cream Overview

This is one of the affordable skin care products in the market. Manufactured by Zenu Life, this product is going to help you get your elastic, youthful and clear skin back. The price is good and the ingredients used are chosen on their ability to boost skin health.

To exfoliate the skin, this product has corundum crystals, which are similar to what is used in skin care centers.

How To Use It

Follow the directions for use on the packaging. You should never apply the product on the sensitive areas of your skin. On the most affected areas, apply it generously and massage it in until it soaks.

NanoDerm Microdermabrasion cream ingredients

This ointment has been formulated from natural ingredients. Most of them are plant extracts such as aloe vera, rosemary calendula, safflower, thyme leaves and chamomile.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera helps in softening the skin. It also has an impact on stretch marks, reducing them and making them less visible.

Rosemary oil and chamomile oil

Rosemary oil has been used for a long time to condition the skin. Chamomile oil on the other hand is useful for reducing skin inflammation.

Every ingredient used in this product helps the skin a lot.

Pros and Cons of NanoDerm Microdermabrasion

This is a cost effective solution to your skin issues, but not all of them. It has its pros and cons as you will see below:

Has scrubbing agents to exfoliate the skinDoes not remove keloid scars
Not greasy on the skin, quite cleanIt is not 100% silicone
The price is good 
Can remove wrinkles, marks and lines 

Where to buy it

Order this cream from Zenu Life so that you don’t get fake products. It is packaged in 2 oz/60ml bottles and one bottle goes for $32.00.

There is a money back guarantee of 60 days. There is no information regarding discounts when you buy more bottles.

Alteya’s Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil Certified organic

What cream can I use to clear stretch marks? If you are pregnant and you are looking for something that can help you avoid the infamous tiger stripes, Alteya’s Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil Certified Organic is the real deal.

We will show you just why in the ingredients section.

What is Alteya’s Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil Certified Organic?

This product is a combination of several ingredients; plant extracts that have been picked for their ability to restore youthfulness to the skin.

Finally, here is a product that you can use when pregnant so that you can prevent the formation of stretchers. However, even if they form, you can still use this oil after birth and it will restore your skin.

How To Use It

Every morning and evening for at least 60 days, apply this oil in light, circular motions on the buttocks, stomach and thighs. You can massage it in a bit, so that it soaks in properly.

Alteya’s Mark Oil Certified Organic Ingredients

Alteya Stretch Mark Oil

If it is certified organic, the ingredients must be organic too, which means there are no side effects to contend with.

Shea Butter

This is no doubt one of the most popular ingredients for removing your tiger stripes. It is very popular for clearing the skin and enhancing texture after pregnancy.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Because of the presence of phytosterols, this ingredient helps to clear scarring and discoloration. It also reduces the visibility of marks.

Macadamia Seed Oil

This oil contains a lot of vitamin E. Therefore, it is very good for reducing marks and scarring. It also penetrates the skin easily so healing starts sooner.

Hemp Seed Oil

Cannabis Sativa has a good amount of omega fatty acids that help make the skin more taut and supple. It will restore youthfulness.

Pros and Cons

Any topical application product had better be good, with zero to minimal side effects and Alteya’s Oil does not disappoint.

It softens the skin and any smooths bumpsAvailable on official website only
Boosts the production of collagen 
It boosts the tautness of your skin 
Makes the skin look youthful 
Free of petrochemicals and paraben 

Where to buy It

Buy this product on the official website: One bottle of 4.2 oz costs $20.50. However, the price reduces by 10% when you subscribe for monthly deliveries.


Repavar stretch mark cream

While many products in the market repair tiger stripes only, the REPAVAR Cream goes an extra mile because it prevents the formation of the same. Therefore, it is the holistic solution for skin issues.

It does not matter what caused your marks. It can be pregnancy, weight loss or other. This lotion is going to rectify that.


This is just one among many other products under the Repavar brand name. They have a wide range of skin care products, even some that they make for kids.

They also have creams for removing shadows and bags under the eyes. However, the one we are reviewing here is for increasing skin tautness and making the marks fade away completely.

It is formulated with top range ingredients to nourish your skin, keep it free of scars and give it a more youthful look. You can buy REPAVAR in 250 or 500ml bottles.

How To Use

This product is light-textured. Therefore, it is absorbed into the skin fast enough. Just rub it lightly onto the areas that have these marks like the thighs, stomach, buttocks and upper arms.

Use it the recommended number of times a day. To see results, it is important that you use it consistently for about 2 months.

REPAVAR Anti-stretch Creams Main Ingredients

This product is paraben-free. It is also safe to use on pregnant women and on children too. However, it is recommended that you do not apply it on areas with sensitive skin. Its ingredients make it potent.

Here are the most vital ones:

Centella Asiatica

This ingredient is responsible for boosting collagen production. It also boosts the thickness of the skin tissue, which helps in preventing degeneration.

Hamamelis Virginiana

Also called witch hazel, this herb extract is used for lightening the skin. It is also good for scars because it prevents them from darkening. It will give you an even skin tone.

Rosehip Oil

The presence of omega 6 fatty acids helps a lot in skin regeneration, the treatment of scars and clearing marks away.

Other ingredients are Organic Silicium, squalene and hydroxyproline.

Pros and Cons

It is rare to find a skin care product that does not have a couple of cons. Is that true of REPAVAR? Let’s find out:

Clears scars and evens the skin toneThe price is a bit steep
Simple to use 
90-day money back guarantee 
Can help give the skin more volume and tautness 

Where to Buy It

You can buy this anti-stretch mark product from It is available in 250 and 500 ml packs. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding discounts, but it comes with a money back guarantee of 90 days. They also say that you do not need to make any returns.

Wrapping Up

That is it for the best stretch mark cream.

The good thing with these six that we have reviewed here is that they also prevent the formation of these marks.

For the best results, you will find that manufacturers recommend that you use it consistently for 60 days. Therefore, order 2-month supply.

Finally, get something that works for all skin types just in case someone else in the family wants to use.

However, if you have any other skin condition, do not use these products, at least until you see a dermatologist and he/she tells you it’s OK to use.

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