Best Wart Removal Products In 2020 That Are Very Effective

Are you looking for the best wart removal products? You have come to the right place. The market teems with so many such products. They all claim to be the best. Therefore, it becomes a bit challenging to get THE ONE.

But first:

Are over the counter wart removers effective?

Indeed they are. If you have small warts on your fingers, hands and feet, you can make them disappear.

Even if you have plantar warts, it is still possible to make them disappear completely.

It will take some work though, and the use of the best product.

So what cream or kit can help you to obliterate stubborn warts and keep them away for good? That is what we will look at here.

We have done the footwork for you. We will start from the basics and by the time you are through reading these reviews and buying tips, you will know everything about these products.

The 5 Best Wart Removal Products

In this section, we will review 5 of the best products that you can use without any side effects, without the need for a prescription and easily, at home. These products have been handpicked based on their effectiveness, ease of use and the ingredients.

Apart from these solutions, the only other thing you can do is intralesional injections or cryotherapy, which should be administered by a dermatologist.

If you have any of the wart types that we have discussed in this article, you do not need that. You just need one of these products.

Here are the products:

H-WARTS FORMULA – 2020’s Best Wart Removal Product

H-Warts - The Best Wart Removal Product

Just imagine … the solution to your warts problem could be $40 away, only.  But frankly, you will pay less than that for a bottle of H-Warts Formula. The biggest concern for people who need such a solution is safety.

H-Warts Overview

First, this product has been manufactured to the highest standards in a facility that meets the requirements of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), in the USA. From the manufacturer of this product, you will learn that it has sold more than 1 million boxes.

This is an all-natural formula that contains high quality ingredients (which we will discuss later), and of course, some choice essential oils.

Lastly, this product comes highly recommended for all people, as long as they are over 4 years of age. The simplicity of use, the effectiveness and the natural ingredients endear it to many people.

For any topical or even oral application product, we know that it is safe if it is recommended for children. Therefore, if you think this is like the best wart remover for kids, well, you are right!

How do you use H-Warts?

  • Wash your hands thoroughly – this is important because hands help spread HPV
  • Shake this oil very well
  • Apply two drops to a cotton swab
  • Touch the wet swab directly to the wart 3 times a day

Be careful not to overdo it. The temptation is going to be there, you know, in anticipation of “faster” healing and all that. However, just a single touch of this product on the problem areas should do a good job. Make sure you are consistent so that you can achieve the desired results soon.


Any product that you are going to apply on your skin is as good as its ingredients. Now, with this one, you get a combination of natural ingredients that make it not only safe, but also great for all skin types. Therefore, if the solution touches some skin, it won’t lead to a breakout.

The main ingredients in this product include the following:

Cedrus lyceae

Cedrus comes from cedar, which is a type of tree. Therefore, Cedrus lyceae is an essential oil, which is popular for helping deal with the warts completely.

Just as most of the Cedar species are known for their evergreen nature, this ingredient will help bring your youthful skin back.


Combined with Cedar lycee, this makes an incredible solution for your problem. It exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells that can cause a degeneration of the skin. If such cells are not removed, they will cause faster aging and poor skin quality.

Melaleuca alternifolia

Like its sister ingredients, even this one comes from a plant – a tree that grows to about 20 feet of height. You will know it by its papery, white bark. This ingredient has anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents that help with the healing of your skin.

Pros and Cons

Does this product come with any disadvantages? That is what we shall find out in this section.

Made of natural ingredientsThe price is a bit high
Simple to use and safe even for kidsIf you have rampant warts, it might not work fast enough
The warts do not leave any scars after you remove them 
You can use on any part of your body 
Fast results in at least 2 weeks 

Where to Buy It

You can buy this online on It might also be available in different online marketplaces but you should be careful so that you do not buy a counterfeit product.

#2. Warticide


If you have a skin, and you do, you have the potential to develop warts! Therefore, everyone should have Warticide in their home, so that you can apply it as soon as you notice a wart on your body. The “cide” part of this product is going to kill the warts from their roots. It is a total annihilator.

Warticide Overview

This product is made in FDA approved facilities in the USA. This topical application product removes plantar, common and even genital warts.

Compared to the H-Wart product that we reviewed earlier, this one is even cheaper. In some sources, it is referred to as the best wart remover for plantar warts.

Touted as a fast-working product, the manufacturer says that once you apply it on a wart, it will start drying in about 2 days. OK, for some people, it can take slightly longer than that, but we think even 4 days is a good bargain.

How to use Warticide

  • Using Warticide is so simple. Here is everything that you need to know about how to use it:
  • First, wash your hands. This is important when handling all topical application products
  • Shake it well before use
  • Open the top, and pour the liquid into it. Make it about ¾ full
  • Take a cotton swab, dip it in and apply the gel on the wart. Apply generously but don’t overdo it. You may use your finger to apply the gel onto your warts if you like.

Do this 2 times a day.


This product uses salicylic acid as one of the main ingredients. However, other ingredients also make it so potent.

Salicylic Acid

Because this ingredient is mainly integrated in products that remove the outer layer of the skin, it is quite successful in the removal of warts.

But what makes it so effective at removing the warts? It is classified in the same category as aspirin and other “blood thinners.”

In this product, its work is to help prevent the body cells from lumping together to form growths. It does that by moisturizing the skin, thereby dissolving the “gum” that sticks cells.

Tea Tree Oil

This is also referred to as melaleuca oil, which is very effective on the skin because of its antibacterial qualities.

Cedar Oil

This essential oil is very good for wound healing on the skin. Of course, growths such as warts are more likely to appear where the skin is broken.

Warticide Pros and Cons

Sometimes, even the best products have some disadvantages. However, when the pros are more than the cons, we just conclude that that is a nice product and so it is.

Made with powerful ingredientsWhile warts dry fast, they may take longer to clear out
Safe on the skinThe price is a bit high
You get more dosage per bottle 
It is simple to apply 
60-day money back guarantee 
No prescription needed to buy 

Where to Buy It

You can buy Warticide on You can buy it in one bottle, pack of 3 bottles or 5 bottles. One bottle is a month’s supply because it gives you 30 applications.

One bottle costs $39.95. Three bottles cost $79.90 and 5 bottles cost 119.95. Therefore, you can see that the more you buy the cheaper a bottle is.

#3. Biogetica – Freedom Kit with HP-Factor and Wart Off Formula


This kit comes with 5 independent products that work alongside each other to fight warts. These products are as follows:

HP – This one is a combination of resonance homeopathics, which enhance the performance of the skin. It comes in the form of pills.

Hyperisince – This is a herb-mix whose ingredients come from renowned herbs in the ayurveda system because of their power to boost immunity. It is antiviral and we know warts are caused by HPV. It comes in the form of tablets.

Adel-86 VERINTEX N – This is in the form of a solution, which is applied topically on the warts to deform them. It is made in Germany.

Adel-40 VERINTEX – This homeopathic formula comes in the form of drops and it must be used with the Adel-86 for maximum effect. It encourages the skin to perform normally and attain its normal structure, which also means fighting warts. It comes in the form of oral drops.

Reginimune – This product is formulated in such a way that when you take it, it regulates the bio-energy of your body’s immunity by increasing the immune power of the cells.

It comes in the form of capsule.  


Each group contains its own unique selection of ingredients. Some of them are as follows:


HP contains Gunpowder 30, Belladonna 30 and Kali Phos 6x. It also contains imprints of streptococcus 30, pyrogenium, staphylococcus 30, cortisone and Penicillin 30, which enhance the body’s bioenergetic function.

You are supposed to take 4 pills thrice a day, so 12 pills a day.


There are 10 ingredients (herbal extracts), which are ashwagandha, bhumiamalaki, chirabilva, khadira, khus grass, lavanga, haritaki, nimba, yashtimadhu and liquorice root.

You are supposed to take 1 tablet two times a day, which means 2 tablets.


This one has 6 ingredients. They are Anacardium, Anagallis arvensis, Sarsaparilla, Ruta graveolens, Thuja occidentalis and Sempervivum tectorum 6X.

To use it, dab on the warts 3 times a day.  


Tthis one has ingredients such as Solanum dulcamara 4x, Ruta graveolens, Thuja occidentalis, Acidum silicium and Acidum nitricum to name but just a few of them.

The recommended dosage is 15 to 20 drops in a ¼ cupful of water for adults and 7 to 10 drops in the same amount of water, 3 times a day.


It comes with 4 groups of compounds:

Group I has echinacea extract, aloe vera and cat’s claw extract.

Group II has amino acids such as L-glutamine, L-arginine and L-lysine

III has Magnesium gluconate, copper gluconate and zinc gluconate.

Group IV has sodium hyaluronate.

The dosage is 1 or 2 capsules a day, recommended you take before lunch.

Biogetica Pros and Cons

This is a combination of many products as you have seen above, with tens of ingredients. We will now find out whether it has any disadvantages.

They are all naturalResults differ among users
It contains vitamins and mineralsIt is quite some work to keep up with the recommended dosage for each product
Has an oral solution that can be used by children 
Includes amino acids 
Uused by medical practitioners due to their effectiveness 

Where to Buy

You can buy Biogetica on It costs $108.00 for 40-day supply and $179.00 for 90-day supply. You also get a 90-day money back guarantee with these products.

#4. Vitasprings – Wart Control Extra Strength, 11 ml, Forces of Nature

wart control

Vitasprings is an organic remedy for warts. If you use this product as advised by the manufacturer, you are going to experience results in 1 to 3 weeks, of course, depending on the individual.

This product can help fight over 100 of wart strains. It is also going to enhance the structure, strength and integrity of your skin.

Vitasprings Ingredients

There are tens of ingredients in this product, some of them active and others working in the background to increase its potency and effectiveness.

The active ingredients are Thuja Occidentalis 8X HPUS, which works on the warts directly, Phytolacca Americana 8X HPUS, which heals the symptoms of the warts and Calendula Officinalis 8X HPUS that enhances the health of the skin and ensures there is no wart-scars.

Other ingredients include French Thymus Vulgaris, Limonum, Melaleuca and Canadian Thuja Occidentalis.

How To Use It

Handle with clean hands. Shake it and use a cotton swab to apply it onto the warts, 3 times a day. You can also use this product on children older than 3 years.

Pros and Cons

Every product that you use on your skin has some cons, even Vitasprings.

Ensures warts leave no scarsCauses irritation on broken skin
Safe to use on children 
Can be applied to any part of the body 
Sold at affordable price 
Can treat even the stubborn warts 

Where To Buy It

Buy on the official website to avoid counterfeits. One bottle costs $29.95. There is no minimum quantity and the price decreases as you buy more bottles. One bottle can serve you for 30 days.

#5. Herbspro Compound W Complete Wart Kit

compoundW complete wart kit

As its name suggests, this is a complete kit for treating warts. It is recommended for plantar and other stubborn warts. This is a freeze off product meaning that when you apply it on the warts, they freeze and die. In two weeks time of consistent use, you will have started noticing great results.

As a dermatologist-recommended product, you can use it without fear knowing that it will get rid of the warts by their roots. It also heals the area with the wart and leaves no scars. However, you should be cautious when using it on any area around the eyes.


This kit comes with two products that you will use concurrently to eliminate these growths and even skin tags.

The first one is a 50ml pressurized can of Dimethyl ether

The second one is a 3ml gel tube that contains water, carbomer, caprylhydroxamic acid, propylene glycol, methylpropanediol and phenoxyethanol.

How To Use The Kit

To start, apply the boosting gel first:

Open the cap, keep the can upright on a flat table or other surface

Put the cap back and make sure the arrow symbol on the cap is aligned to the freeze symbol on the can

Now, press the cap for precisely 3 seconds and you will get a hiss. That is for activating the gel.

On your hand wart, apply the metal tip (frozen) for 20 seconds and 40 seconds on plantar warts. You will experience a small form of aching, but that should disappear in hours. The ache should alert you on the effectiveness of this kit.

Pros and Cons

The Compound W Complete Wart Kit has some disadvantages and many pros too, Check below:

Effective in as little as 10 daysRequires you to follow precise instructions
Has comfort pads incase you feel too irritated or unable to walkIt is highly flammable
Can work on stubborn warts that other products fail to remove 
It is recommended by dermatologists 

Where to Buy It

Buy Compound W Freeze Off on 1 kit costs $23.95, and buying more reduces the prices per kit just by a minimal amount.

What are Warts?

The HPV (human papilloma viruses) family has more than 100 viruses. Most of them are pretty harmless but some of them can affect you in different ways.

One of these ways is the growth of warts on your neck, hands, fingers, genitals or generally any part on the skin.

Warts are just extra cell growths. However, they are non-cancerous and apart from looking out of place, they are harmless.

Types of Warts

Not all warts are the same. Some are huge and nasty. Some are small and quite harmless. Here are the most common types:

Periungual/Common Warts

periungual warts

These ones grow on the back of your fingers, hands, feet and around the nails. You can identify them by their small size, as most are the size of pinheads. When you touch them, they feel like bumps and to a casual glance, they look like small seeds.

These kinds are most likely to develop in places where the skin is injured easily. If you bite your fingernails, you can develop them. You also transfer these viruses to your face or other parts of your body.

Plantar Warts

plantar warts

These types grow on the sole of your feet, hence this name. You can feel them when you wear your shoes because they are quite uncomfortable. You feel as if your shoes have pebbles, but even when you shake them, they don’t go away.

If you do not remove them, they will grow inwards, that is, into the skin of your soles. You force them insides when you walk, as your feet carry all of your body weight. They spread out, become thick and tough and they mostly manifest as black dots on the sole.

Flat Warts

They are called flat warts because they do not grow outwards. Rather, they spread sideways and they could even be as wide as 1/8 of an inch.

They also tend to be smoother than other forms of warts. However, before you mistake them for friendlies, they grow in large numbers on the skin, especially the face, something that makes them quite unsightly.

Men will have these on their chin and sides of the face where beards grow; children will have them on the face while women develop them on their legs.

Filiform Warts

If you have noticed sharp pointed growths around your eyes, nose and mouth, it is the filiforms. That is a sinister-sounding name, but they are not painful.

They grow fast and because they are painless, many people do not seem bothered. They can be annoying though since you may not resist the urge to keep on touching your face. It is best to remove them.

Ways To Remove Warts At Home

Now that you know how irritating and look-out-of-place these little buggers can be, you will want to know how you can remove them at home. Here are a few tested and proven techniques.

Use a recommended product

The first thing to do is to get a recommended wart remover. Thankfully, as you have seen in our reviews, you don’t need a prescription to get one such product.

Read the instructions for use keenly and then apply topically, just a small amount. Note that it is better to apply less than recommended than overdo it. Most people want to overdose because they want to heal faster.

While results can come in less than 2 weeks, it is best to use a product for 60 days or until the wart has fallen off completely.

You can use any of the products that we have reviewed here.

You can file away the plantar warts

This sounds a bit rudimentary, but it works with painless warts. First, you need to soak them in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. When they have soaked water and have softened enough, you file them away with a pumice stone. It is good for common warts that grow on the fingers.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar

This is not only a good cleaning agent for appliances and dishes, but it is also effective on warts. All you need is to apply a soaked cotton swab on the wart itself, cover it with a bandage and wait until it falls off. It works the same way as the salicylic acid by making the top layer of the skin fall off.

Using Garlic

This superfood can be used topically on the skin. Crush a few cloves and mix with a little water. Take the paste, place it on the wart and cover with a bandage. Do this daily for about 3 weeks and see results.


This one works by thinning the substance that makes cells stick together. Since warts are a clumping of the cells, you bet it can help. Crush aspirin tablets, add a little water and cover the wart with the paste. Do it for a week or so.

Aloe Vera

Any product with aloe vera as a main ingredient can help sooth burning or painful skin areas. If your wart removers cause sensation on the skin, apply aloe vera.


This tropical fruit is rich in bromelain, which can dissolve proteins such as you would find in HPV. Crush it and apply the paste on the wart.


You could try the home remedies that we have shown you here to get rid of warts. However, they work slowly and for many of them, there is no scientific evidence to back them.

However, you are not left without an option. You can use any of the products that we have reviewed here. These are the best wart removal products because they are science-backed and they address the warts by the roots.

Besides, many of them come with a money back guarantee. This alone shows you just how confident the manufacturers are in their ingredients.

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