HerSolution Review: Enjoy Higher Sex Drive and Explosive Orgasms

In this HerSolution review, we shall delve deeper into the details of these sex enhancement pills for women.

In your older age, you will find that things get a bit dry down there. When he takes you out for dinner and wine, you feel that you do not want one thing to lead to another.

Sexual arousal for men is so easy. The same cannot be said for women. The heart could be willing, but the body plays havoc with a woman’s feeling.

While this is understandable, it is not acceptable at all.

You can fix this and many more issues with sex enhancement pills. HerSolution is truly a solution for many women who experience dry vagina, low libido, lack of sensitivity, boring orgasms and so on.

Before we go on, please note that Leading Edge Health has two HerSolution products. One is a gel and the other one is a pill, or tablet if you like.

Here, were bring you HerSolution pills review.

Her Solution Pills Review: Overview

These pills are manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a Canadian company that makes supplements for men’s women’s children’s and youth supplements for general health, sex health, skin, weight loss and many more. This product is shipped everywhere in the world.

Many Leading Edge Health reviews show just how credible this company is. Therefore, if they say they are bringing you an all-natural Her Solution pill, you can believe them alright.

From the moment you unpack the pills, it is love at first sight. They are so nicely packed and their purple color is very appealing. However, they are shipped in a plain, unidentifiable outer box. You don’t want a nosy neighbor seeing what you are after.

One box has 30 pills, which is a month’s supply. You are supposed to take 1 pill a day. Keep reading to see the ingredients so that you can find out whether this is the best female arousal pill for you.

Leading Edge Health promise over Her Solution arousal pills is that it is going to raise your sex drive, help to enhance arousal, increase your sensitivity in the genitals, reduce vaginal dryness and give you more powerful orgasms.

This could be true but again, it could be a marketing ruse. However, in the next section, we shall see how it works and then we will see whether Her Solution really works as advertised.

How Her Solution Sexual Arousal Pills Work

Her Solution works in a few simple ways really.

It is not too different from what we have seen with other pills, creams and gels that we have reviewed on this site.

More blood flow to the genitals

It increases blood flow to the genital area, to the clitoris, which is mainly concerned with sexual pleasure.

Therefore, it contains ingredients that are really vasodilators. They help to relax the walls of the blood vessels so that oxygen and nutrient-rich blood can flow to all parts of the body.

Therefore, this product not only leaves you with a high sex drive, but it also leaves you with a spanking good skin, healthy internal organs, hair, nails … you name it!

But blood flow alone is not enough. If sex has been making you feel miserable lately, you need something more extra. You need to pop an aphrodisiac every now and then.

Among some of the ingredients in this pill are powerful aphrodisiacs, some that have been used for millennia to increase libido.

Corrects hormonal Imbalance

Your low sex drive is most times caused by hormonal changes in your body. For example, too much estrogen in your system can lower your sex drive a great deal. You need the male hormone testosterone to balance things out.

Age, childbirth, work-related stress, family issues, loss of a loved one and so many other issues can make a woman experience hormonal changes. It takes just a little nudge to tip her over.

Obviously, sex drive is one of the things to go when a woman experience hormonal changes. Thankfully, all is not lost because the Her Solution pills or gel can bring your mojo back.

The herbs used in this pill make it possible to bring back your hormonal balance. They contain minerals and vitamins that work to restore your body’s natural functions.

Improves your mood

When you start using HerSolution female arousal pills, you will find that it reduces anxiety, stress, increases sleep and makes you feel relaxed.

It also enhances the mood a great deal, be enhancing the release of the feel-good hormones in the body. The levels of the stress hormone cortisol go down.

Since this product is a formulation of natural ingredients, it works slowly, but the results are long lasting. Therefore, you need to be patient, take it for at least 60 days.

Granted, some women experience increased sex drive in a week of using this pill. If that is you, do not get off the sexual arousal pills just yet.

In fact, the best thing is to use them consistently for at least 60 days but you can also make them part of your lifestyle after that.

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How To Use Her Solution Sexual Enhancement Pills

The good thing with many of the Leading Edge Health products is that they are so easy to use. HerSolution is not any different.

One box contains 30 pills. The recommended dosage is 1 pill a day. It is very important that you do not exceed this dosage thinking that you can get results faster.

You can take your tablet with a glass of water or with meals. Either way, it will get absorbed into the bloodstream in its fullness and then it will start working its magic.

You can also take it in the morning or in the evening. It will not make you hyper or anything at work. However, after a few days of use, you will realize that you feel more relaxed and you might even start thinking about sex more frequently, again!

In case you get the gel too, it is just as easy to use. You need to apply a little of it on to your clitoris and rub it in gently. This is more instant since you can use it some minutes before sex and it will make things more explosive between the sheets.

It is for you to decide what you truly want between the topical application one and the oral HerSolution.

HerSolution Ingredients

This pill is a formulation of several ingredients. It is hard to look at them in detail so we shall look at them just briefly.

The ingredients have been proven to increase female libido, increase vaginal wetness and do much more. See a brief description of what each one does:

Mucuna Pruriens

This is also referred to as the Dopa Bean. It has been used for millennia in India’s ayurvedic medicine as an aphrodisiac. Does mucuna pruriens increase dopamine? You bet it does. Dopamine is a feel-good hormone that can help you enjoy sex more.

Cayenne Extract

Turns out that this super spice not only enhances the heart rate but it also makes the vagina wetter thereby increasing your sex durations. It also enhances blood flow and body heat. These make it easier to enjoy sex and to orgasm quickly and more explosively.


The work of Niacin in the body is to increase blood flow to different parts of the body, including the genitals. This makes you more sensitive to touch in the genital area, makes it easier to orgasm and best of all, it increases energy so you can romp longer.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba increases blood circulation and memory power. This is why you enjoy a clearer mind when you start using HerSolution pills. With more blood getting to your clitoris and other areas of your body, you enjoy more sensitivity to touch and sex.

Hops Extract

When you have less estrogen in the body, you will experience vaginal dryness. However, the hops extract included in Her Solution pills is going to raise the estrogen levels back where they belong and increase vaginal wetness.

Epimedium Sagittatum

The other name for epimedium sagittatum is horny goat weed. Not sure whether goats get horny when they take it but the inclusion of the word horny gives you an idea of just what it is for, huh?

Improves desire for sex in womenYou need to use it for at least 60 days for consistent results
Effective for women of all agesCould be better if it could help with menopausal issues such as hot flushes
Really effective at restoring vaginal wetness 
Many of the ingredients help to increase orgasm chances 
No side effects because it is made with natural ingredients 
Makes the erotic parts of your body more sensitive before and during sex 

Where To Buy HerSolution

Buy HerSolution female libido tablets online, on the official website or you can also buy it from leadingedgehealth.com. You can order 1 box, but you will save money when you buy more. For example, when you order 2 boxes, you can save close to $30!

If you order 3 boxes, you will save up to $50 and when you order 6 boxes, you will save up to $140! You can also get free shipping on some orders.

It is sold with a money back guarantee of 67 days. If you are not satisfied, just send back any empty and unopened boxes and your money will be refunded.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Do not allow childbirth, age, stress or other to deny you the opportunity to enjoy good sex.

Also, life is too short to bear with bland and low quality orgasms. Luckily, just 2 boxes of HerSolution pills can fix this.

Before you buy yours though, here are a few recommendations to bear in mind:

If you are on other medication, speak to your doctor before using Her Solution tablets

Never overdose! Too much of something is poison, even products such as the 100% natural HerSolution sex arousal pills.

While there are no expected HerSolution side effects, stop taking them immediately if you notice something like dizziness, diarrhea, nausea or other symptoms. You could be allergic to one of the ingredients.

Lastly, take your HerSolution sex pills consistently for up to 2 months. Continue for even up to 4 months.

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