Scream Cream Review: A Prescription Sexual Cream to Bring Your Orgasm Back

You can Scream your way to orgasm, or at least, this is what any Scream Cream review tries to show. But is that right?

Well, that is what we are going to find out. On many Scream Cream reviews though, they say that this one is the ultimate women’s arousal cream.

While the sex enhancement pills and creams market seems to favor the men more than women, well, occasionally, there will come a groundbreaking product that can help women get their sexy back.

Scream Cream is such a product. It is a prescription-only, transdermal product.

Why waste time looking for the G-spot while many women don’t know where to find it? Use this cream. It will help you and him to hit the right spot more than once.

Scream Cream Overview

This cream is not an over the counter product. Far from that, it is a controlled-access kind of product.

Therefore, if you have been looking for Scream Cream over the counter, you will not find it because it is simply not available.

That alone should tell you just how effective it is. If you also consider the high quality Scream Cream ingredients, well, they have a great thing going on.

This cream is manufactured by Nu Image Medical Labs. This company is based in Tampa, Florida. The ingredients are extracted in world-class labs.

In addition Nu Medical Image Labs bring you a comprehensive line up of other successful products for sex, weight loss, hair and hormones to name but just a few of them.

Therefore, if you like to buy your prescription supplements from tested and proven brand name, they don’t get better than Nu Image Medical Labs.

How to get a prescription for Scream Cream

scream cream overview

Most of the products made by Nu Medical Image Labs are prescription-intended. This is why many people trust them. Besides, the prescription process is always short and productive.

They always have an online doctor on call. Therefore, you can do the appointment visit with the doctor on the internet, from the comfort of your home. That is as discreet as they get. You don’t want everyone knowing that you need to use a cream to get excited sexually, do you?

When you enroll with their doctor for consultation, you will get enough time to consult with their qualified doctors. If they indeed find out that you need this product, they will prescribe it and it will be shipped to your doorstep.

The doctors are discreet; the packaging is discreet as well, in a plain carton. Therefore, no one need know that you are using the Scream Cream except you and your partner.

All the consulting physicians for Scream Cream prescription online are licensed. Save for doing the whole process on a computer, it will be almost the same as visiting a doctor at the local hospital.

Why you May Need Scream Cream?

Studies show that more than 40% of American women never enjoy clitoral orgasm. If you are reading this article, it is likely that a likely challenge brought you here.

Studies also continue to show that close to 30 percent of women in America have never achieved orgasm from sexual intercourse. This is quite serious! Keep reading:

You experience dryness in the vagina

Lack of enough lubrication can cause you to have dismal sex or lose all interest all the same. You could be all out to have a great time between the sheets, but if your glands do not produce enough lubrication, it could be painful or not happen at all.

Poor stimulation

Usually, a woman who wants sex is easy to stimulate. A touch in the most sensitive places can send her on fire, hankering after sex. However, sometimes, even this fails to work due to hormonal issues, age and stress. If that is your predicament, you need to apply this topical cream.

Low intensity orgasms

Female orgasms should be explosive, high intensity and clowud-9 kind of experiences. Therefore, if you notice that yours are low down and wanting, you should kick-start them with Scream Cream.

Scream Cream Ingredients

Does Scream Cream really work? This is a very common question that many people ask regarding this product.

And the answer is a resounding yes. Besides, the reviews of users who have tested this product speak quite a lot regarding it.

You see, any oral or topical application sexual enhancement product for men or women is as good as its ingredients.

If you do not look at the list of ingredients, you could be getting beer at the price of champagne, and you don’t want to be duped that way.

There are five main, active ingredients in Scream Cream. We shall look at each of them briefly here:

L-Arginine – dilates the blood vessels

This is one of the most used amino acids in sexual enhancement products. It has the ability to make your genitals more sensitive and we will show you just how it is able to do that below.

L-arginine enhances the availability of nitric oxide in your system. Now, we know that Nitric Oxide is very good at relaxing the walls of the blood vessels. When the walls relax, more blood can flow to all areas of your body without putting your heart under undue pressure.

While we say that sex for women starts in the mind, if there is not enough blood flowing to the genitals to deliver oxygen, nutrients and hormones. More blood flow also makes you more sensitive to touch.


This works in the same way as the L-Arginine amino acid. It increases the flow of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to all parts of your body.

However, it does not stop at that. It goes a step further and enhances the wellness of the muscles. It does that by reducing muscle cramps, pains, aches and many symptoms that are associated with premenstrual syndrome.

If you have been having issues with vaginal dryness, the Pentoxifylline ingredient in Scream Cream enhances the production of more lubrication. Therefore, you will enjoy yourself more for longer. More lubrication and lack of cramps and pain during sex is all that you need to go longer.

Besides, this ingredient also makes you more sensitive in the genitals, especially in the clitoris. Therefore, you will enjoy more explosive orgasms, easily.

Sildenafil Citrate

The inclusion of this powerful ingredient qualifies this product to be called sildenafil citrate topical cream. This is also one of the main ingredients in the popular male Viagra. It heals erectile dysfunction in men as well as in women.

When women use this product, they enjoy sex much longer and more intensely.


This is the hormone that gives men and boys their masculine qualities like broad chest, more muscle mass, size, beard and many more.

Produced in the Leydig cells in the testes, it is also mainly concerned with enhancing sexual virility. It has been included in Scream Cream because of its ability to make women enjoy sex more, get more intense orgasms and treat sexual dysfunction.


This ingredient is mostly associated with respiratory tract and lungs issues. It has been administered in the form of drugs that make breathing easier.

Even in this case, it still works in the same way. It is a good bronchodilator, which helps get more oxygen into your muscles. This means you can do intense things such as having sex for longer without feeling too tired or too cramped in your muscles.

How To Use Scream Cream

The beauty this natural female Viagra cream is that it is so simple to use. It is a topical application product that has transdermal qualities. This means that it is absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. This is quite effective and we have many other products applied through the skin.

It comes in a small bottle. If used carefully, assuming you won’t be having sex daily, this cream is going to last you even up to 3 months. However, once you have seen how effective it is, you will want to use more.

Onto the main thing here, applying this cream is ever so easy. Just clean up nicely where it matters. If you can shave, do it so that you don’t waste your precious Scream Cream on strands of hair.

Dab a little of this cream on your finger and apply it on your clitoris in circular motions, slowly massaging it in so that all of it soaks through the skin or clitoral hood and into the blood.

You may also apply some of this cream on your outer genitalia, you know, the labia minora and majora. However, do not get it inside your coochie. Just apply it on the outside.

You can then give it time to start its magic. Usually, you will feel its vasodilation effects in about 30 minutes. The results last for slightly more than 2 hours. That should be enough to romp as much as you like.

How Scream Cream Works

If you have read this far, you already have a rough idea in mind of how this Sildenafil cream female works!

Mainly, it is a vasodilator and bronchodilator, but it also has some more benefits tossed in. What we mean by vasodilation is that once it penetrates the skin, it helps to relax the blood vessels, which means more blood can flow to your muscles.

As a bronchodilator, well, it is about how you breathe and the unhindered flow of oxygen to the parts of your body that matter. When you engage in a marathon, you need more blood to flow to your muscles in order to keep up. This cream will ensure enhance blood flow rate.

Scream Cream also changes how your body responds to stimulation. You will feel every touch and every stroke. If you can, start the foreplay early by having your partner apply the Scream Cream to your you-know-where.

Simple to applyThere is no Scream Cream non prescription. You have to have a prescription
Good for the skin because of its vasodilation quality so more blood flows to skinUnless you use the Scream Cream version without L-arginine, it can bring back genital herpes if you have suffered before
Improves your orgasms from bland and low to explosiveThe price is a bit steep
You can enjoy sex for longer because of more oxygen and nutrient flow to your muscles 
Libido improvement – desire more sex more often 
It increases vaginal lubrication 
Effects last a long time, up to 2 hours 

Where To Buy Scream Cream

First, you need to head over to the official website where you be hooked up with a doctor on call to consult and if need be, prescribe this product for you. This is the same as a doctor’s office evaluation.

Likewise, you can also be connected to a doctor available in your local area to evaluate you and prescribe this product. You will be required to fill a short form on their website. The doctor will instruct you on how to apply the cream. If you are taking any other medication, the doctor will advise you appropriately on using this product.

When that stage is over, your order will be shipped in two to three days, perhaps even less if you are in Florida. That is all!  Prices start at $99 per bottle.

You can also get a “customized” gel, for example, one without L-Arginine if you have ever suffered from genital herpes, so that a recurrence of the same does not happen.

Conclusion and Recommendation

That is it for this Scream Cream review.

When you order Scream Cream online, it will be delivered as soon as possible and it will be specific to your prescription.

You have seen how to use it, how fast it starts taking effect and how long it lasts. Now, here are a few recommendations:

Do not overdo it! The temptation will be there especially after realizing how effective it is. Stick with the dosage that your doctor recommended.

Do not share! After all, the dosage of this product is specific to the prescription of each customer. Therefore, if your dosage works for you, it might not work as well for another woman.

If you see any side effects, stop using the product and consult your physician immediately. You can consult the physician who prescribed it to you.

Sleep enough drink a lot of water, stay stress-free too because good sex starts in the mind.

Lastly, read the user manual carefully and apply it only as your doctor advised. If you use it sparingly, it can last for up to 3 months.

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